Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why is it?

Why is it?  If little Susie goes potty all by herself she is rewarded with kisses and hugs. If granny goes too the necessary comments are" how many times today" or "perhaps she is becoming incontinent"  If Junior gets a speeding ticket three days after receiving his drivers license he may be grounded but they all think it is humorous.  On the other hand if Granny has a little fender bender in the grocery store parking lot,  the whispering sounds like "should we consider taking her car keys away?"  If Mom gets lost on her way home from Book Club. A few jokes about too much wine..  If grandma gets lost we may soon be headed for Chez Geriatrics  If Junior replaces the ceiling light bulbs in the kitchen he is a hero.  If Grandma replaces them she is in big trouble for climbing the ladder. If Dad can't work the new state of the art can opener the can opener is defective  If Grandma can't program the new DVD player she's stupid.  If junior can't think of a word it is because it is not on the list he is studying.  If Granny can't think of one she is may be senile.  Perhaps Granny just has a bad attitude or not?



  1. I cannot program the DVD player either <3 ali
    your blog is awesome keep it up!

  2. age discrimination...file a law suit!

  3. Our nation's families don't live on farms any more. Historically, when families left the farms to live in cities a sad thing happened to our nation's elders. If we all lived on farms in the 1800's again with three generations co-habitating - all would most certainly have the respect they deserve from all the generations they lived with. Separating the family was when the prejudice began. Look at the cultures where many generations live together and you'll see a greater sense of respect for elders.

  4. Interesting observations! Keep up the bloggentary! (hmmm... blog + commentary... not sure that worked. ;-) )

  5. haha! this was a crack up!
    and just for the record if granny can't work the DVD player we throw it off the roof!